Brand Culture

Brand Culture

Green and intelligent production Create the future togther.


Company vision: Establishing a green industrial electrical enterprise and wonderful company
Going with green, to relize the sustainable development between Aoasis and society.

Meaning: AOASIS not just emphasize development, also based on environmental protection and recyclable resource, so that we can meet the contemporary demands, and there is no harm to the offspring. Only in this way AOASIS can devote itself to the descendant for the developing society and peaceful life.


Company Mission: We innovate for the best user experience.
Meaning: We committed ourselves to innovate continuously , and which are based on the user best experience.


Company Value: Success Innovation Integrity Win-win
Success: Appling for the customer satisfaction and success.

Innovation: The spirit and achievement of innovation is the origional motivation leading enterprise developed forward; Trandsending the user requirements is the service aim of enterprise.

Integrity: operating in a honest and efficient way to creating value for user, shareholder, staff, society and the other partner.

Win-win: Establishing a relationship of chronical and stable collaboration and realizing win-win, so that the company can develop and grow continuously.